You Are Cordially Invited To Hayley’s Quince~

Before a girl of Hispanic heritage can have her quince, she must have her entire family and friends (as well as other guests) ready for such a grand occasion. Who better than her mother to nag her family and relatives into getting prepared properly? As with many quinces, they must be dressed in formal attire, to the theme of red and white.

Let’s see how well that went over.
(Of course, written in 3rd person narrative, given that there’ll be a bit of a bio so that you know what’s going on in the lives of the family relatives.)

“Dis ees, un poco mucho, no?..” Nick said with an unsure expression on his face. Nick was all for looking “handsome” though he wasn’t entirely dedicated to wearing such formal attire. Ever since his marriage to Bridget, Nick’s been dedicated to working hard so that he can one day afford to move out with her into a new house, and perhaps have a few feet crawling around. At the age of 37, Nick’s been doing pretty well so far and they’re almost there, in regards to their dream of having their own place to call home, instead of living with their siblings/half-siblings.

Of course Bridget never fails to catch his eye.

“Hmm..” Bridget mused, looking at her sister-in-law’s portfolio. Wondering if she was actually ready to commit to a whole new look. It took a bit of convincing from Bridget M. though Bridget P. finally agreed. With her newfound fame, Bridget had to maintain an air of elegance and beauty at all times. She wasn’t shallow with her popularity, she’d been dubbed as the community’s most eco-friendly resident in the past year. A title that made her known as the “Green Lady” throughout town. If you ever needed advice on how to help out the planet, look no further.

Fortunately, Bridget approves of her new dress. Sleek, elegant, comfortable, and not made from animal fur.

Whereas Alli was a bit more difficult to convince. Alli was always a bit more stubborn with decisions made for her, infact, she rarely let anyone decide for her. Since she married Sam, they’ve been in left in charge of the art gallery in Dempsy. It was an honor to have half-ownership of the town’s holder of valuable art, the other half belonging to her niece Ricky. Having no children of their own, they gladly agreed to giving Ricky half ownership of the gallery when she came of age. Partially because they felt as if Ricky was their own daughter in a way, Alli couldn’t help but see a bit of herself in her.

Alli wasn’t entirely thrilled by her new look, she’d always been accustomed to her wavy hair. Now here it was, all wild and poofy, with no inclination towards being tamed. It would take lots of time and many hair products to get it back to way it use to be. Alli held back the worst of her rage though, since it was for her niece’s birthday. So honorably, she maintained her cool until Bridget M. left. She couldn’t help but feel jealous of her husband, who’d only been told to wear a crimson jacket ontop of any regular sweater.

Ricky was the next to put on her new ensemble, she’d recently gotten blue highlights and complained that the red would clash with them. Still, her mother persisted until Ricky finally gave in. Despite her quizzical look towards her mother, Ricky had to admit, she did look pretty good in her new dress.

Jessica however, wasn’t so keen on the new dress she’d been given to wear. She’d originally planned on wearing an expensive gown worth more than their TV. However, since it’s not welcome for one to look more lavish that the birthday girl, Bridget had to find something else for her to wear.

The years had done little to soothe her snobby temper. Her marriage to Tyler was already crazy as it is, one minute they’d be fighting over something, the next they’d be at each other’s mouths going at it like rabbits. Though there was a period in time where Tyler had disappeared for well over a year, his family had thought that he’d given up on his marriage and gone off. Until one day a screaming Jessica found him lying outside their door.

At the time, Tyler was in a daze and had very little recollection of exactly what happened. He recounted that he was walking out of the his in anger one minute, a bright flash the next, and before he knew it, the world had gone black for a minute. When he came to, he found himself lying on the sofa in their living room, with Jessica bawling her eyes out, her mascara ruined, and a whole new color to her hair.
Despite the crazy events, the only thing different about Tyler was that he seemed to have aged incredibly within that short period of time. Duke’s had his theories, though they’ve yet to be proven.

After an entire day of hounding down family members around town, many of whom had heard of her line of fashionable-fire, were either trying to hide it out or got ready ahead of time to avoid a makeover in public. Jonah & Kylie had enough wit to do the latter. Jonah & Kylie once had a reputation for being the best indie band in Dempsy, that is until the kids began to grow up and they had to dedicate their lives towards a more serious work ethic.

Despite being one of the oldest members in the community, one had to admit, they still looked pretty good at their age.

The last family member to be pestered was Chelsea, who’d been too busy to be bothered all day. Being married to one of the nation’s best swimmers brought on new fame to her family’s life. They were almost always being stopped in the street for side chatter or an autograph. Diego had gone on tour for the summer, so he wasn’t available to go to the party, whereas Chelsea had been excited about the idea of a family gathering without any paparazzi around. With age, one could agree that she’d become “film star” gorgeous, and fortunately, her family hadn’t left the fame go to their heads.

After a long day of tracking down her family members, Bridget was ready to head home and prepare to the night’s festivities. So she slumped over to their bed and lay still from exhaustion, after a minute, the door slowly swung open. Bridget still had her head buried in the sheets of the bed, and was too tired to look up. “Coffee?” said a familiar voice from behind her, the same voice she’d wake up to and fall sleep to each day. “I could use a cup right now” she replied, raising her head up to look at Duke, and smiled before lowering her head back down on the bed.


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