Matson Men&Women: Adie

2nd Gen: Adie (Maddie&Amir)

Madeline & Amir have been gone for a long time, in their day, they met and fell in love much later in their lives, late thirties to be precise. Though they’re been inseparable since. Amir specialized in cooking, being able to cook just about any recipe known to man. Whereas Maddie was incredibly talented at fishing and gardening. They had 4 children together, Jacob, the 3rd Gen. heir being the first, then his twin brother Seth, and twin sisters Aidalyn and Yoseline. After many years together, Amir grew very old and died after the age of 94, Maddie grieved for a long period of time, though she joined him when she died at the age of 98. Though they are no longer around, they are still remembered well, the following is a brief Q&A they participated in when they were alive, and wearing the colors of their generation; white & pink.

Question 1: “So when and where did you two meet and how long until you two tied the knot together?”

Amir: I think I’ll answer the first question, and Maddie, you wanna answer the next part?
Madeline: Oh sure, I’d start giggling all over again if I did answer the first part.

Amir: *Chuckles* Well we first met infront of the movie theater in town, Maddie was getting out of her taxi when I accidentally bumped into her. You see, I was running to make it in time to watch this new action movie, and when I ran into Maddie, we both fell down on the pavement. You should’ve seen the expressions on people’s faces!
Madeline: Hehe, it’s still one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

Amir: Heheh, well I’m glad it happened, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have met. After helping her back up, I began to apologize constantly for making her fall down like that.
Madeline: You wouldn’t stop apologizing, haha!

Amir: Haha, true, but I felt pretty bad about it, so I invited Maddie to a movie as a way to make it up to her. At first Maddie denied-
Madeline: Twice, might I add.

Amir: Haha, I was getting to that, and then I offered to pay for anything she wanted so that I could make it up to her. After a bit more convincing, she finally agreed. The theater was empty since the first screening was during school hours, so there wouldn’t be too many people around the theater til’ much later. Instead of watching, we just talked and talked throughout the movie, and I had such a great time that I asked her if she wanted to catch another movie someday. She agreed, and before she caught a cab to go home, I had to ask her; “So where were you going, before I knocked you down?” And she said..
Madeline: Hehe, I said “Nowhere really, I just felt like today was a great day to go to town, and it was! After the whole ‘running into me’ situation.”

Amir: *Chuckles* Well as for the second part, I believe you said you’d do the honors Maddie.
Madeline: Oh yes, well, after several more movies together, Amir held my hand one day when we were watching a movie together, and kissed me. Personally I was a bit surprised since I grew a secret crush on him, and didn’t expect this to happen. I’m glad it did though. Within a year, we were dating and he’d moved in with me, of course my dad was a bit uneasy about it at first, though soon enough Amir became like a son to him, right Amir?
Amir: Oh yes, especially those days he made me repaint the outside of the house or weed the garden, fun times all around.

Madeline: Hehe, well after a year of dating, Amir proposed to me on the anniversary of when we first met, and he proposed right infront of the same movie theater. One amazing wedding, five years, and two twin boys later, here we are!

Question 2: “So Amir, you’re a well known chef around town, can you tell our readers and your fans a bit more about yourself? Something we don’t know!”

Amir: Hmm, well you see this tattoo? This has a bit of history attached to it, I got it when I was 16, though I didn’t tell my parents about it. The story behind it is, my older brother Jamal and I wanted to do something cool to show off in school, and we both got tat’d at the nearby tattoo parlor. I got a tiger, and he got something in Japanese I think, he said that it translated into: “Love Comes.” Personally I thought it looked pretty cool. Later that night though, when we came home, Mom & Dad started to ask us why we had one arm over the other, wondering if we’d gotten in a fight or worse. After a bit of struggling to avoid being examined, Dad grabbed my arm first and rolled it up to see my new tattoo.

Amir: Safe to say, there was a lot of yelling that night. Something else people don’t know about me, is that 10 years later, I lost my brother Jamal in a house fire. Fortunately it wasn’t at our home, instead it happened at Jamal’s friends house. There was a gas leak, and Jamal’s friend had an addiction to smoking.. and well.. within minutes the entire house was up in flames.. Sometimes when I think of Jamal, I think about the tattoo he got, how love comes.. well a decade later, here I am married to the woman of my dreams, so that proves it, love does come. That’s pretty much all I can think of for now.

Question 3: “Maddie, it’s well known around the town that you work for the town’s research facility, and every year you have a way of winning the local gardening contest. Tell us more about yourself, something we don’t know!”

Madeline: Hmm, well there’s a lot to tell, though I’ll start at the beginning. When I was less than a month old, I was given up for adoption by my mother, who I’ve never met, and I was raised up in the orphanage for the first 9 years of my life. One day a note came in the mail about me, the note said it was from my mother, giving a number to reach my birth father. Daddy apparently never knew about my birth, since he and my mother hadn’t seen each other in over a decade. When he came into the orphanage that day, he somehow knew, among all the other kids, that I was his daughter. I was so happy when I came to my new home, and met my uncle Grady, who was actually Dad’s best friend who used to clean up around the house. As the years passed, I became interested in gardening because I was always intrigued by how my dad could spend hours each day watering and weeding. He said it was good for the soul. Within months of learning how to garden, he taught me how to fish, and the rest is history.

“You mentioned that you never met your birth mother, do you think you’d ever want to meet her someday?”

Madeline: Well.. I’m not so sure I’d want to, she did leave me at such a young age. I was forced to grow up wondering whatever happened to my birth parents, I forgave Daddy instantly when he told me that he didn’t know about me, because I could understand how he felt about my mother. He really loved her, but apparently she wasn’t sure about their relationship, so she left him. Though.. if I ever got the chance to talk to her, I’d probably take it, and ask her some questions that I would like to have the answers to.

Question 4: “So you had two newborn twin boys brought into this world, Jacob and Seth, how does that feel?”

Amir: Well, it feels great actually! It took a bit of convincing from Maddie before I agreed, but just looking at our boy’s just let’s me know it was worth it.
Madeline: Mhm, granted those nine months were very tough, still, Amir was there whenever I needed someone to rub my back or to cook me a meal. Daddy, would’ve, though he was a bit busy running the business and whatnot. Jake’s a good boy, he doesn’t cry or whine, though he does have a habit of falling asleep much later than he should. Seth however tends to cry frequently, making up for the amount of his brother, though he usually tuckers himself out early each night. We love them so much.

Amir: Indeed we do.
Madeline: Hehe!

Question 5: “So how does it feel to be the son-in-law of one of the most successful business men in the country?”

Amir: Honestly? It’s a bit frightening, since I’m still not very good friends with Maddie’s dad just yet. Sometimes I get the feeling he’s out to get me *Chuckles* Still, he’s a good person, even if he’s almost always working. Still, it comes with a few perks, such as if we ever want to go somewhere in town, there’s always a limo waiting for us. Personally though, we prefer walking to town, despite the distance. I say it’s healthier & Maddie loves walking outside, so it works out for the both of us.

Question 6: “Do you have any bit of advice for our readers on how they can accomplish their goals in life?”

Amir: Well everyone has their way of accomplishing their goals. Personally, I had to work hard each day to get to where I am today, that meant going the distance, and working with a smile on your face, even if the work shift isn’t going too well. Just keep your goals in mind, and don’t underestimate yourself, because you only truly fail if you do that.

Question 7: “How does it feel to be the daughter of one of the most successful businessmen in the country?”

Madeline: Besides having plenty of money, not that different. Daddy’s just my dad to me, I love him and look up to him, but it’s pretty normal actually. Sometimes though, I just wish he’d come home on time instead of working late at night, or better yet, retire. Daddy’s done so much to help us, that I think he deserves to relax at this point in his life.

Question 8: “Do you have any tips for our readers on how they can reach their goals in life?”

Madeline: Well, you should keep your head held high and be ready to face a few bumps in the road! Life is a long road, and sometimes you need to be willing to take the long way instead of the shortcuts that life offers. They may be quick, but you don’t always learn a good lesson from taking them!

Question 9: “A question for the both of you, what’s the best part of your lives?”

Madeline: Amir and our family of course!
Amir: *Chuckles* Yep, the best part for me, is waking up and seeing my wife’s beautiful face every morning, spending time with our boys, and knowing that I have them in my life is more than enough for me.

Madeline: I couldn’t have put it any better myself.
Amir: Well it’s true, when it comes down to it, everything I do is for you guys, and to the single readers out there; Love comes, just put effort into it while you’re waiting!


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