Name: Agros DeLunta
Age: N/A
Partner: None
Occupation: Gluttony Destroyer
Parents: Bruce DeLunta & Lola DeLunta
Origin: N/A
Ethnicity: European American
Eye Color:  Stone Grey
Hobbies: Lounging around his estate, philosophy, avoiding others
Favorite Color: Deep Tyrian Purple
Theme Song: N/A
Interesting Fact: N/A

Name: Marigold Summers
Age: 12, 21, 65
Partner: None
Occupation: Greed Destroyer
Parents: N/A
Origin: Rareview, California
Ethnicity: Polish American
Eye Color: Gold
Hobbies: Investing in expensive items, using her five finger discount, gaining wealth
Favorite Color: Gold
Theme Song: The Fear – Lily Allen
Interesting Fact: N/A

Name: Tobias Gryston
Age: 23
Partner: None
Occupation: Fraud Destroyer
Parents: Laura Gryston & Derrick Gryston
Origin: Arlentown, Minnesota
Ethnicity: Russian German
Eye Color: Light Steel Blue
Hobbies: Hacking online accounts, occasional gambling, an occasional snicker/cackle
Favorite Color: Teal
Theme Song: N/A
Interesting Fact: N/A

Name: Cecil Lancet
Age: 25
Partner: Several
Occupation: Vanity Destroyer
Parents: Miles Lancet & Maryssa Lancet
Origin: Dyrde, Canada
Ethnicity: French Venetian
Eye Color: Persian Green
Hobbies: Admiring himself, modeling, designing his own line of clothing
Favorite Color: Deep Maroon
Theme Song: Do You Want To – Franz Ferdinand
Interesting Fact: N/A

Name: Leon DeTraste
Age: 28
Partner: Ellie DeTraste
Occupation: Heresy Destroyer
Parents: Marcus DeTraste & Helen DeTraste
Origin: New Vale, New York
Ethnicity: Argentinian American
Eye Color:  Stone Grey
Hobbies: Lecturing others to be independent yet still build unity, giving long, inspiring speeches, getting lost in philosophy with anyone who’s willing to listen
Favorite Color: Sunrise Orange
Theme Song: Satellite – Rise Against
Interesting Fact: N/A

Name: Archer Vicriss
Age: N/A
Partner: None
Occupation: Violence Destroyer
Parents: N/A
Origin: London
Ethnicity: European
Eye Color: Deep Violet
Hobbies: Fighting, being alone, reminiscing
Favorite Color: Jade Green
Theme Song: Starlight – Muse
Interesting Fact: N/A


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