Here is the Matson Biography Page, where you can learn more about your favorite Matson’s and possibly a new fact or two.

[Keep in mind, some of their origins are areas that supposedly exist centuries in the future]

Name:Felix Valor Matson
Age: 95
Partner: His wife; Lauren Matson
Occupation: Retired Sports Legend
Parents: Vincent & Leslie Matson
Origin: Upper Dempsy, New Jersey
Ethnicity: French, Canadian
Eye Color: Sea-Green
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Cooking, Going to the gym, spending quality time with family
Favorite Color: Denim Blue
Theme Song[s]: Hanging By A Moment – Lifehouse, Kiss Me – New Found Glory
Interesting Fact: He is the youngest of three, and also the most successful in terms of wealth -and family-.  He inherited his love of athleticism from his mother’s daredevil antics. He is the father of five children, and at one point was nominated as: Dempsy’s Hottest Husband. Despite his old age, Felix still manages to live a vigorously active lifestyle, yet makes sure to leave more than enough time for his family.

Name: Lauren Cherish Matson
Age: 94
Partner: Her husband; Felix Matson
Occupation: Retired Maternity Ward Doctor
Parents: Mark & Ronda Shrewton
Origin: Upsoth, Canada
Ethnicity: Canadian
Eye Color: Light Sky Blue
Hobbies: Reading, Spending time with family, Light jogs with her husband
Favorite Color: Scarlet Red
Theme Song: I Love You – Avril Lavigne
Interesting Fact: From the moment she set eyes on Felix, she secretly knew the seeds of attraction had been sewed deep in her heart. It took some time though, for her to reveal her feelings to him and the better part of it was that Felix reciprocated her feelings as well. Being valedictorian, and one of Dempsy’s Hottest Moms has given her a title of not just brains, but beauty as well. Now in her twilight years, she bides her time with family and living it to the fullest alongside her husband.

Name: Duke Evest Matson
Age: 71
Partner: His wife; Bridget Matson
Occupation: Paranormal Investigator – Has since lost reputation after leaving Dempsy
Parents: Felix & Lauren Matson
Origin: Dempsy, New Jersey
Ethnicity: French, Canadian
Eye Color: Sea-Green
Hobbies: Inventing, reading, tinkering, chess matches with his wife
Favorite Color: Sap Green
Theme Song: Check Yes Juliet – We The Kings
Interesting Fact: Duke was immediately smitten with Bridget from the moment he laid his eyes on her. Love at first sight? Possibly! Their relationship started out as a strong friendship, and it wasn’t until a hike along the wood with her and his two brothers, did he plant a kiss on her cheek. Smooth. At one point, he was even caught by her father in her room, which was possibly misinterpreted considering that he had no shirt on. Although he is one of the brightest Matson minds, he still furthers his progress in inventing. Of course, he makes the occasional time to talk with his family.

Name: Bridget Espe Matson
Age: 70
Partner: Her husband; Duke Matson
Occupation: Stylist
Parents: Diego & Holly Parker
Origin: Ferlinson, New Jersey
Ethnicity: Mexican, British
Eye Color: French Blue
Hobbies: Sketching designs for outfits, chess with her husband, helping with charities
Favorite Color: Maize
Theme Song: Blush (Only You) – Plumb
Interesting Fact: She was born under the dictators known as her parents, who refused to let her near any boys until she was old enough. When she finally was able to date Duke, they had to date secretly so that her parents wouldn’t know. It was thanks to her grandparents; Drew & Susan Parker, that she was able to meet secretly with him. She committed four long years in Egypt as a missionary, to help the struggling residents of Al Simhara at the time. Nowadays, she enjoys working on new fashion designs and besting her husband in chess.


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