About The Publisher

Hello! My name’s Alex S., also known as Ay2Cee. I’ve been publishing It’s All About The Matson’s for quite a while now! It started on August of 2009 and we’ve still been going on! You may be wondering, where’s half of Gen. 5 and the previous generations? Sadly they aren’t around, thus it’s my bad. Though I hope to make it up soon someday!

As you read, you may notice a change in the publishing style, I like to evolve my publishing and try out new styles which work. At the moment, POV seems to be the best option of writing.

A few things you might want to know about me is:

-I have an italics quirk, in case you didn’t notice, whenever there is the option to italicize, I do it. I just love it.

-I’m rather nervous, so if you’re wondering why an update is taking to dang long, it’s because I’m taking the long way, to ensure a safe process, and not risk losing a save file.

-I don’t cuss, it’s a horrible habit for me, also, I tend to use emoticons frequently, though not while writing. I try my best to resist the urge.

Hm, oh yes! Most importantly- I think- I never admitted to being a decent writer, though I thank those of you who bear with me.


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