Almos + [New Project Decided!]

Although it’s been decided for months now, I just meant the title is decided on. It took about a month to decide on it!~
Anywho, very briefly:

Almos+ is coming soon, this winter, this year! Now, I don’t want to bother you guys with these kinds of updates because I’m almost sure you’re looking for TS3 updates c;
So this will be the second-to-last time you will hear from me on this blog before I move onto another!~

The next time you’ll hear from me will be after the premiere of Almos+, though for now here’s the cover art:

=Can you believe it took me two days? Darn coloring!~=
=Click to be linked to my dA page if you want~=

Until Next Time Everyone!~


About ay2cee

Not only do I write, It's All About The Matson's, which you can read at I also write about the heirs lives through their perspective, though I only write the stories of heirs who have already passed away
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