IAATM Discontinued

As the title says, IAATM will -most likely- discontinue as a TS3 story

I would love to thank those of you who have read the updates, truly~

Incase you’re curious..

Q: Why are you stopping?
A: Not for lack of disinterest, just busy and lack of time for gaming

Q:Will IAATM ever return?
A: Not to TS3.

Q: What will you be doing then?
A: A few other projects. Technically I’m not totally leaving IAATM, it’s just going by a new name and format~

Q: Will you let us know about these projects?
A: Probably not here, I don’t like to spam you guys with updates that don’t correlate with TS3.

Q: Any other place we can find you if you’re not going back to the TS3 community?
A: Well, I have a Twitter account that’s free to follow, though it’s most likely going to lack TS3 related tweets. I’ll mainly be around deviantART

deviantART: http://ay2cee.deviantart.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Ay2Cee

Thank you all for these past couple of years, you’re all wonderful!~

Until The Next Project Everyone!~
[Not a goodbye, just a see you later]


About ay2cee

Not only do I write, It's All About The Matson's, which you can read at http://ay2cee.livejournal.com/ I also write about the heirs lives through their perspective, though I only write the stories of heirs who have already passed away
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