Luz the Rising Sun

Side Note Before Starting: Excuse the long hiatus, I think I should be known for them at this point. Though I’ve been going back and forth in my mind on how to approach the remainder of IAATM because it’ll have to conclude soon~ Without further ado, I present to you..

Families are supposed to stay together when tragedy strikes them. They endure the pain together.
But sometimes the reminders left behind are too much.

“Do you want to head home now?”
“Not yet..”


“Please, I’ll do your chores forever!”
“No, An.”

I would know. Seeing family photos, and the chair they used to spend hours reading in now empty. Dust gathered in the areas they used to occupy. Dinners became silent. Life became grey and confusing.

“I know..”

“But I need you to help me take care of Almos..”
“I.. can’t An. But I know you can help him.. just don’t give up on him..”

“..I won’t..”

“But this is a goodbye for now, right? Promise me!”
“I promise..”

“I don’t know when, but when I have everything sorted out.. I’ll definitely see you again.”

~A year later~

Traveling alone wasn’t a wise choice. There are numerous dangers ever since the incident a few years back. If anything, staying within the boundaries of your home was a wiser choice most of the time. Though given my blood, I wasn’t afraid. I could never be afraid, again.

If there was one thing that Luz Matson knew very well, it was that life can be unexpected.

Tonight was no exception.

Having a sharp object go through you is one way to find yourself staggering through the dark and mysterious woods in the middle of the night.

“Tsk- Damn.. hunters..”

And it’s not a good sign to fall unconscious when a bullet, imbued with strong Runic, is still inside of you

Thankfully for our victim, Luz Matson was a light sleeper. Any noise made within the range of 30 meters was detectable to her

Still, unfortunately for our victim.. Luz was anything but calm around the opposite gender.

But time was of the essence, and Luz knew this. Upon examining the hole in his chest, she knew she had to help him


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Not only do I write, It's All About The Matson's, which you can read at I also write about the heirs lives through their perspective, though I only write the stories of heirs who have already passed away
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