IAATM Planning

Oi! Here once again to post an announcement in regards to IAATM’s future -shouldn’t take long-.

So as of lately my drive for updating hasn’t really been there. Though last week an idea came to mind and I kept telling myself it’s crazy and it’ll just confuse everyone- though! I think it’s just what I need to write more. I did promise myself to finish IAATM one way or another, and Aaron’s generation is definitely the longest of them.

Before I go on any longer with your time, I say it:

IAATM will soon be starting it’s 10th Generation, and the heir/heiress will be retelling Aaron’s generation.

Certainly makes getting through two generations a bit easier, eh?
And no, I don’t plan on skimping the details because it’s being told from another POV.

So let’s get on with the exciting part! Aaron’s children!
Oh, and I really don’t mind if you know who the spouse is- this generation is a bit more than romantic troubles after all.

Luz Matson


Luz Matson: An ‘Artemis’ at heart. Thrilled to be outdoors and running around training than to commit herself to any man.
She’s kind-hearted though and won’t hesitate to help someone in dire need. Which somehow comes to bite her in the back sooner than later.
The irony being she’s a dhampyr.
What’s she doing for her generation? Oh, I can’t rightly give that away just yet. We’ll go with traveling.
Akryo, the man on the left who’s being a bit grumpy this afternoon, being her traveling companion. Why, how, when? All to be answered soon enough.


Certainly inherited a good deal from her parents and grandparents. Esp. Cole’s eyes- which I may or may not be thrilled about- and that Matson nose. Which will probably follow them until the end.


Without a doubt, I love her plot to bits, and maybe her intro story coming later this week will make you consider voting for her.

Anliette Matson


Anliette Matson: She’s an inventor at heart. Eccentric and overly friendly at times. She’s watched one too many reruns of ‘Breach’, her favorite chick flick entailing the sad and lonely life of a rebel chick looking for love. Don’t ask why she loves it.
Although it’s probably because she adores the male lead.


That’s Lucian DeLento. He’s the supply shops owners’ only son/child. He’s into inventing as well, and An frequents the store enough to have developed a crush on him. He’s a bit oblivious to most things though.


They’re utterly a-dork-able goofs though.
Oh, and did we forget to mention she’s half-werewolf?
Mhm, more details on that bit later on.


‘..Is someone there?-‘


‘Huh.. could’ve sworn..’


‘Oh well..’

Oh, and it’s a good idea not to ignore your imaginary friends without a proper goodbye.

What’s in store for her generation? Hm.. well it’ll be.. a discovery of sorts.

Almos Matson


Almos Matson: So first thing you’d notice, is he’s really tall. Really REALLY tall compared to the average person. Also he looks a bit like his father as well.
Almos studies and trains vigorously so that he one day will be like his father. He’s a bit of a shut-in though, and it didn’t help that he spent most of his life being homeschooled.

He’s good hearted though, and would gladly do the right thing in a beat.


And yes, he’s half-werewolf too! Oh, and that lil’ bit o’ sunshine is Lalya. His future best friend by default. She’s.. a bit odd, and excitable too. But probably the most genuine and sweetest person you’ll meet.

Almos is a bit unlucky though. You’ll see why in his intro story. His generation is somewhat of a lift off from his father’s. Only with MORE characters.



So there you have it! Expect their updates within the next two weeks or so, and an heir/heiress poll to follow as well.

Keep clean, stay happy, and out of trouble. Until Next Time Everyone!


“This is excruciatingly boring.”


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Not only do I write, It's All About The Matson's, which you can read at http://ay2cee.livejournal.com/ I also write about the heirs lives through their perspective, though I only write the stories of heirs who have already passed away
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  1. xtremesims says:

    I will check back periodically to see what twist you add to this story. This sounds interesting

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