It’s All About The Matson’s Aaron’s Legend: Chapter 2 – Part Two


She slowed down to a stop several feet away, hey eyes resting on mine. She panted to catch her breath as she stood there watching me, then moving her gaze towards the pile of ash that used to be a demon. “Aaron.. why didn’t you run? That thing could’ve killed you!” She gave me a stern look that could’ve been taken seriously had I not been able to sense her concern. When I didn’t answer she quickly trod towards me and wrapped her arms around me. I could feel the warmth of her tears as they fell on my chest and slid downwards. “I missed you..” she whispered softly as she cried, I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Unwilling to have her taken away again.


Rain led the way out of the woods, keeping her hand in mine as we walked, neither of us speaking of the incident with the demon or the purple fire which had consumed it. Those facts were faraway from my interest right now. She remained silent until we neared the clearing where she turned around and instructed me to wear my shirt. “Um.. I just don’t want you to meet my parents, officially, like this.” I tugged it on, noticing Rain’s red face. She faked a cough before urging me to follow her again.


We walked for several minutes before reaching a large estate. We walked up both sets up stairs towards the Chinese archway-entrance. Rain held her arms as we passed several more archways, similar in appearance to the first one, only in different shades of color. Various types of plant life covered the walls of the entryway, filling it with their thick scent.


We stopped infront of a large wooden door, Rain turned to me and looked me over. “My parents are a bit crazy, in my opinion at least, but.. they’ve wanted to meet you.. for a while now.” I nodded before the both of us pushed open the doors and went forward into an Asian-styled house, colored in dark reds.


Sitting on a couch in the middle were two adults, one male and the other female. Both biding their time with reading. Without a doubt, those two had to be Rain’s parents. Her father quickly looked up from his book and smiled at the sight of Rain, though he quickly lowered his smile at my presence beside her. Within a second his smile was back as he ushered the both of us to sit down.

Rain sat beside her father while I sat in a neighboring armchair. I examined the three of them together, Rain, a good mix of her parents’. Her eyes a similar shade of her father’s, and facial features similar to her mother’s. Her mother remained as invested in her book as she had been the moment we entered, while her father set his book down infront of him and spoke, “So, I’ve heard a good deal about you from my daughter, and I’d like to thank you for keeping her safe during Hellfire.”


“Even if it’s your doing that she was nearby at the time.” The gratitude in his words left with the toxicity that replaced it. “I don’t blame you for it I suppose, after all, you kept my daughter safe so no hard feelings.” He stood up and extended his hand towards me to shake. I glanced towards Rain who motioned shyly for me to go ahead.

I stood up and shook his hand, feeling an odd balance of power tilting violently as his grip attempted to tighten itself. The odd force I’d been feeling seemed to ally itself to my side as Rain’s father pulled back his hand before bursting out into laughter. “I knew you were strong, just not this strong! I guess I underestimated you.” He sat down, and I did so as well, uncertain of what he meant by his words.

He patted Rain’s shoulder, “You’ve got quite the boyfriend there Rain.” She widened her eyes at the word ‘boyfriend’ and began to blush. “Well, you two are together, correct? I hope you’re not simply kissing her without committing yourself to her..” he stared at the both of us, first Rain then myself. I shook my head to cancel the notion that I wasn’t committed to her.



He smiled, and reached over to tap his wife’s shoulder, “Honey, should we tell them now, or wait until the rest are here?” She looked up from her book and quickly waved at me smiling before shaking her head in disagreement with her husband.


“No, not yet. I’d like to conserve our energy by having them all here at the same time.” He nodded and looked at me & Rain. “Right, not right now, though very soon we’ll be filling you in on some key details about you, Rain, your friend Matthew, and your cousin Pan.” Though nothing about him suggested hostility, the fact that he knew something about the three of us unnerved me slightly, whereas the details of Rain didn’t. He was her father and would naturally know details about her existence, whereas myself, Matt, and Pan didn’t know him well, if at all.

I shrugged off the oddity of his statement and looked towards Rain who shrugged, clearly as clueless as myself. “Well.. I know not every father does this, though I’d like to bestow my permission on you to be with my daughter. HOWEVER-” He added, quickly raising his his voice close to a shout, “-I’ll allow it until you two are graduates, thus giving you nearly a year.” I furrowed my brows slightly, while Rain sat back clearly embarrassed. “Don’t ask about my reasoning behind this limit, I’ll explain it all to the four of you soon enough.” With that he patted Rain’s back once more, signaling for her to stand, then motioning for me to stand as well. “Well off you go you two, hope I didn’t embarrass you two too much!”


It was when we reached the bottom of the first set of stairs that Rain turned to me and said “You know, you don’t have to date me, I mean, it’s fi-” Before she could finish what she was about to say, I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her. Something I had been longing for the past several months. Her hands slowly rose from her sides and held my arms as she returned the kiss. “I missed you” I muttered in between kisses. “I missed you too..” she replied.



“Whoa.. um.. when did you two meet up?” Matt asked from his seat on the sofa. He was leaning back lazily as my sister sat, devoid of entertainment, across from him. I motioned my eyes in the direction of where the forest was. “Ohh, alright. I was beginning to think that Hellfire gotcha Rain. Good thing it didn’t huh?” He leaned his head back as I sat down in the seat adjacent to his, with Rain choosing to sit on my leg, leaning in to kiss me. When we stopped, I noticed that Matt and Emma were now staring at the two of us with confused faces. “Since when did you two make up and make out?” Emma said despite her heat daze. I shrugged in response before returning to kiss Rain once more, causing her to grunt before hanging her head back.


“RAIN! OMIGOSH YOU’RE ALIVE!” Pan yelled at the top of her voice as she stood in the archway of the living room. Rain, slightly shocked looked up and smiled widely at her friend. She looked at me unsure of what to do, I smiled slightly letting her know that I would wait for her if she chose to talk with Pan. I’ve waited this long to be with her, naturally I could wait another hour.


The four of us headed outside to the backyard, sitting on the cool grass as the sky changed color as the sunset approached. Rain and Pan talked amongst themselves across from each other, while I sat down on the stone path with Matt lying down a foot away. “So you two are dating, huh?” He asked, looking over at me. I stared up at the evening sky, listening intently at Rains every word. To know she was only a few feet away from where I laid on the grass came as closure to my mind. “Alright then” Matt said, taking my silence as a ‘Yes’.


It’s been a great, long time since the last update.

I blame growing up. Though! I do get to work on more projects.. granted, IAATM seems to be forgotten at some times. Still, thanks for reading and Until Next Time Everyone!


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3 Responses to It’s All About The Matson’s Aaron’s Legend: Chapter 2 – Part Two

  1. xtremesims says:

    Great chapter. Can’t wait for the next. Take your time though real life comes first ; )

  2. seaweedy says:

    Rain’s parents are certainly odd. I am so curious to know what they have to say when the four are gathered together.

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