It’s All About The Matson’s Two Year Anniversary: Day One Part Two

Born from evil, raised by good

Vincent Matson


Born from a dictator and a pop music sensation, Vincent’s upbringing was full of neglect from both of his parents. Not to say they didn’t love him, certainly Emily gave him plenty of love, when she was around. Matt.. not so much. Rose & Max were like Vincent’s second parents growing up, with them being around more often than not. Raised on good principles, and given a camera by his grandfather at a young age, Vincent’s aspiration in life became clear.

Though, he didn’t expect to fall in love with the little girl he used to play with when she was still the new kid in town. Or the 20 year expedition his parents sent him on to get him away from her extreme endeavors.


He also didn’t expect to be a father within the first year on said expedition. Or that he would find himself unfaithful several times. Decisions that haunted him till his death.

Vented Babbles About Vincent: Vincent’s favorite color is deep magenta. Vincent is a ramen addict. At times able to consume 4 whole bowls before stopping. Unknown to most people, Vincent has a bit of skill in break-dancing. He is unable to keep a small secret for long, he always needs to write it down. He secretly collects vintage records from decades before his time. Vincent was one of the best choir members in high school, with the teacher claiming that his talent was inherited from his mother.

Fun Facts About Vincent: Deathly afraid of beetles. Ran from a photo opp. when he ran into a swarm of them.

How about a photo of Vincent with his youngest son Felix!


Felix being the slightly rowdy type usually doesn’t go over so well with Vincent.

The heir with time for all and constant motivation

Felix Matson


Born the youngest of three, Felix was the most athletic and brave- albeit, not always the one to think before acting. For that reason, his parents nicknamed him; Felix Valor Matson. If someone needed help, no doubt Felix would be around to help. Especially if it was his best friend-turned-girlfriend-turned-wife, Lauren.

Felix did well in football, though even better in soccer which led him to pursue a career in athletics. Although diction wasn’t his greatest strength, Felix was always able to let people know how he felt. No matter how bad the grammar.


If someone were to have asked him at the age of sixteen if he expected to have been married to his best friend and have 5 diverse and wonderful children with her, he would probably shoot you a funny look.

Exclusive Details About Felix: His favorite color is denim blue. He was once asked to model for a local magazine. Felix marvels old cars rather than the sports cars he owns. Felix is excelled in the martial arts. At times he can be quite competitive. For example, he once went 8 straight hours against his son, Duke, in a foosball match. Felix enjoys cooking as a pass time, able to cook a few five-star meals. With an appetite as big as his, naturally he would find some interest in cooking.

Fun Fact About Felix: At one time formed a band with Lauren. Playing occasionally for friends and family. Their first gig being the ambiance to a well known restaurant. With a few of the single ladies in the room wondering if his hands were as good as he was on the drums. Thus leading to several tips, an oblivious Felix, and an annoyed Lauren.

How about a photo of Felix and his second son Duke!


The heir full of consideration and inquisition

Duke Matson


Born second, and before his twin brother, Duke was the child of Felix & Lauren who always enjoyed questioning how things worked. Though he often found himself at wicks end when it came to emotional problems. If Duke could make a person smile, then that just made his day. If Duke could get Bridget to talk to him just once a day, then he was convinced he could die happy.

Duke loved parties and occasionally threw them with the help of his twin brother, Tyler. There was almost no plan that they didn’t attempt together as kids and teenagers. One of the hardest steps he took in those years being; revealing his feelings towards Bridget. Well, several years full him going to college & her going to Egypt for missionary work later and they were engaged.


Naturally his eccentric side grew as he aged. Sometimes you would only need to point to the workshed to know where Duke was. Inventor at heart, and father of four troublesome yet loveable kids.

Duke certainly did raise his family with the same adoration he’d grown up with.

Info And Statistics About Duke: Duke’s favorite color is forest green. He’s a fanatic when it comes to metal. If you ever need a specific type, you know who to ask. Duke is decent with his backhand in tennis, his sport of choice. Duke has dabbled with chemistry a bit, only to end up blowing up the various chemicals he worked with. A master at Scrabble and various other board games. Has spent over 10 thousand dollars on a party alone. Don’t ask for what though. The list of items is long. Duke is a member of ‘Paranore’, the local team of paranormal investigators.

Fun Fact About Duke: While at a concert with Bridget and a young Hayley and Ricky, Duke managed to climb onstage and sing with the lead singer of the band; Radioactive Desire. Thus leading to autographs for all, and him receiving the ‘Father Of The Year’ title from Hayley and Ricky.

How about a photo of Duke with his eldest daughter Hayley!



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  1. seaweedy says:

    Congrats on two years, what an accomplishment!

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