It’s All About The Matson’s 2 Year Anniersary : Day One

Hey everyone!
I’ve been waiting all week for this date to come around. Yes, it’s a Friday, though it is also the date that It’s All About The Matson’s began.

Two years ago I started with only the ambition of testing out the games features. Slowly, that ambition grew and grew until before I realized it, there had been 8 published generations of Matson lineage. Now two years, a few dozen readers, and the occasional update later, the Matson family is still around.

So today I want to commemorate not only a date, though a wonderful life event that led to so many other great surprises.

So let’s kick off day one, shall we?

It All Began With

Jet Matson


Founder of the Matson family, well, the most well known as far as history is involved.
Jet had a complicated life story to understand.
Raised by his mother and rarely seeing his father due to work. Eventually meeting Ramona, his first, in high school. Going to college, meeting Molly and Jess. Both of whom would also change his life.

Sadly Jet did not die a married man. The woman he loved never came back and work seemed to take over the parts of his time that became available.
Except of course, the time that came for family.

A Bit About Jet: His favorite color is, unsurprisingly, jet black. He listens to classic rock. He’s a natural with business procedures. He’s only lost a game of football once. And he’s proud of the carbonara he prepares ever Sunday.

Fun Fact: Jet is deathly afraid of; red balloons due to their sinister nature in his dreams, and old cars for fear of ones breaks failing and rolling down the street towards him.

Let’s see him with his only daughter Maddie!



Thus an heiress’ life began

Madeline Matson



Heiress of Generation Two, Maddie, the ever resourceful and lonely child. At one point Jet had no idea she’d existed because her birth mother had left her at an orphanage when she was a newborn. She’d become adept in fishing and gardening before her progression into adulthood, providing a much welcomed boost to her career in bio-engineering. Maddie remained single and lonely for a good deal of time until she met Amir- rather, bumped into him- outside of the local theater. Time passed and soon enough they were married and with twin boys and twin girls, the eldest of which, Jacob, she entrusted as the heir.

Little Tidbits About Maddie: Her favorite colors are the lightest shades of pink which border close to white. When upset, she retreats to her secret spot. Social gatherings may not be her forte, though Maddie still engages in them if needed. She always made sure to tuck in her children and kiss them goodnight every evening when they were young. Maddie is a master at at sudoku.

Fun Facts About Maddie: She occasionally sleeps with a teddy bear because it was the one she kept as a child. One of her favorite series is the Twilight Saga. Yes. That was her partial inspiration for naming her sons.

Now one more photo with Jet and Madeline!



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Not only do I write, It's All About The Matson's, which you can read at I also write about the heirs lives through their perspective, though I only write the stories of heirs who have already passed away
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